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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lake Tekapo

Our first landmark stopping point on our journey was Lake Tekapo & we were blown away when we rounded a corner and first caught sight of the amazing blue lake.

The awe of the water color was quickly blown away by the hurricane force winds- so much that there was a wind surfer out on the lake.

He was coming in for the day, but provided a great color pop to the already brilliant scene.

I'm not sure if the lake was up higher than normal or why these trees were under water, but it added to the unique factor of the place.

I love this photo & I wish it was more in focus, but we just set the camera down on some rocks & had to pick it up a few times after getting blown over.

There were some pretty good waves washing ashore on the lake's edge & spraying up down in the wind.

I loved all the color contrasts, with the trees and mountains in the background.

I was really, really happy to be there...something about the fresh air & fierce winds, plus chasing my hat across the rocks!

We were amazed that the birds could even fly there- sometimes they just hoovered in the big gusts of wind.

Besides the amazing lake, the other spot worth checking out is the Church of the Good Shepherd.

This small, one room church is over 75 years old & I can't imagine braving it through a winter in these parts without electricity.

We kept looking west & were soon headed on to bigger and better mountains after a short lunch break.

The weather was looking a little dicey off in the distance...

...although there were blue skies abounding in Lake Tekapo.

There's not a whole lot in this town, so a lunch stop on our way to Mt Cook was perfect for us.

I was making fun of H and told him to fix his hair...

...this is as good as it got that day!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I've now officially blogged more in May than I did in February, March or April!

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