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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finagling the Frisbee

There is no shortage of entertainment when Mia is around. This Frisbee will go on the toy category of "Didn't Make It A Day".

But it was hysterical to watch her put her foot through it & use her paws to slap it.

Both a foot and a mouth through the hoop.

Now, both feet though...

All proper with her legs crossed...

She's always on her back playing with toys & batting them around.

I loved the tongue sticking out!

"Enough with the flash already lady!"

Needless to say, she'd torn a few of the *spokes* out of the Frisbee and managed to eat part of the plastic ring by morning.

When it fell all the way down her arm, she was twisting and trying to get it off...I'd have love to have video on my camera at that moment.

All this is going on while Mia is growling and grunting and snapping at her toy.

She often takes her toys and holds them up in the air with her paws before dropping it back down on her head.

And Zoe just watches Mia like she's crazy...

...and then goes to sleep.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm getting so close to being caught up on most of my photos...hopefully this long weekend will give me time finish the rest.

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