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Sunday, May 30, 2010

All Swim

Last weekend, I headed over to the pool to cool off & the kids wanted to join me and the pups.

Mia swims like a champ- she could literally go for hours in the pool burning off energy.

Zoe finally got in too. She was very leery a few weeks ago about swimming with Mia, but Mia has since learned better pool manners and to NOT swim on top of Zoe.

Hunter drove himself over... :))) He's officially done with his Sophomore year of high school and is now a Junior.

Both dogs love the splashing game & wait impatiently for more splashes- Zoe even points as she waits.

Silly silly puppy....I've got so many stories to share.

The kids played King of the Mountain- a game where they attempt to throw each other off the float.

Haley rarely won, but she made Hunter take her on a victory lap. Her float-by include "Toodles!"

Lots of underwater wrestling & wrangling involved, but they were cracking up the entire time.

And the dogs were quite entertained with all the mayhem and splashing.

Hunter's turn to be king.

The end of Haley's reign was a problem for Zoe here.

Zoe is always queen! The kids had moved into throwing Nerf balls and shooting water guns.

They practiced their chicken fighting, even though there was no other team to wrestle with.

Whenever the goggles came off, Zoe's favorite game was to try to steal them.

I have no idea what they kids were trying to coax Mia into doing, but she was loving all the attention.

Haley & Mia played the splash and jump game endlessly.

Hunter hung out and was too cool for school as he thought about all the finals he was exempting.

Back to wrestling...

Zoe sneaks into get the goggles.

This is pretty much classic pool time- wrestling, splashing, swimming, laughter.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Headed down to the beach in Galveston for a mini-getaway tonight.

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