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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zoe & Mia in the Field

Still trying to get more photos of Mia from her first week blogged. We went to an isolated park behind my neighborhood where the dogs can play & run along the bayou.

We went around dusk, when it was a tad bit cooler. Mia chases after Zoe, but can't keep up yet, especially when she gets into the high brush.

This photo is a precursor of things to come. Zoe has been to this park & along this bayou dozens of time. About a week after this photo, she went into the bayou. I guess she was hot and/or thirsty. The following day- she hopped in again. Guess who fell in after her? ;)

Mia runs around look a cutie-patootie running around like mad!

Mia's got two more weeks of running around like a lunatic before she starts her puppy obedience classes. We've been working on *SIT* and she's doing pretty good with that.

Taken: August 19, 2009, Mia 10 weeks old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Zoe is home from the vet! She's behaving normal, but we've got to keep an eye on her liver/kidney levels for a few weeks & IT'S RAINING tonight!

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Delilah and Rocket said...

She is SO irresistable! cutie patootie is right!