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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pool Party

Two weeks ago, on Labor Day weekend, we decided to have an impromptu party at mom's house.

We invited friends, family, and neighbors. Gram was in between catching really nasty infections & ventured over for the fun.

One of H's best friends Dan was in town from Shreveport.

I think we probably had 20 lbs of meat- chicken breast, chicken wings, ribs, sausage and more.

Our friend's brought their 5 month old lab over for her first swim.

It took a little coaxing, but she was finally getting in on her own and swimming like a champ.

I love to take embarassing photos of my hubby- I have no idea why his hat is crocked or where he stole that Modelo from.

It was one big dog show with all the puppies running around, chasing toys and swimming.

Shiloh was a shaker- she'd get anybody within 10' of the pool when she hopped out.

We put up our camping shelter for a little shade & everybody liked hanging out there.

Zoe was getting some loving from mom's neighbor & Mia is trying to steal some of her drink.

The princess in her throne.

Gotta love the wrinkles!

Mia quickly discovered that many people sat their drink on the edge of the pool when they were swimming & that she likes beer.

Mom's neighbors brought some great food & even helped us cook some of the meat.

I don't recommend trying to out swim two pups with a cigar in your hand ;)

And we also got a super cute video of trying to get Shiloh to jump in the water. She was a pro by the end, but it was too funny watching her fall in the first few times.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: A real cold front is coming to town & our new mirror arrives today.

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