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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mia & a Grape

This set is one of my favorites I've taken of Ms. Mia so far. These are just the rugs in our kitchen, but she blends in perfectly.

I gave her a grape & she wasn't real sure what to do with it.

Should I lick it?

Should I bite it?

Mom- what do I do with this thing?

It tastes different now that I bit it.


Don't worry- I didn't actually let her eat it.

Let's see if I can use my paws on this.

My absolute favorite picture I've taken so far.

No, thanks- I don't really like it.

Zoe doesn't take but 2 seconds...

...and it's gone!

Photos taken 9.26.09, Mia 10 weeks

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Bought new furniture for our front living room today- let the re-decorating begin again!


Jess said...

careful feeding your pups grapes, they can be harmful.

Laila said...

Uh oh, grapes are bad for puppies. For some great pictures and videos, try feeding Mia a lemon. Or seedless melons. Mmmm... watermelon.


Christy said...

Cute pics! But definitely keep grapes & onions away from dogs. :(

Delilah and Rocket said...

Mia is just so adorable. I remember those little faces Rocket used to make at that age.