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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

South Island Tour

We started out our explorations of Mauritus with a private tour of the South part of the island- this is where most of the *pretty* geologic features and nature-type of things are located. We promptly returned our rental car & hired a drive for the day- it was surprisingly cheap, safer than driving ourselves, stress free and informative.

The inner part of the island is an elevated plateau, so our first destination was to go up to the top & check out the view of the west coast.

The weather here was perfect in the first week of June- cool & breezy, lots of sun.

The island is the remnants of an old volcano (or several) & I loved all the mountains everywhere. It was also very tropical & it was what I imagine Hawaii would be like- tons of fruit & tree and green stuff everywhere.

There were several bays that looked like great places for snorkeling & the blue water looked so inviting. If you look closely, you can see the outer reef where the waves break way off shore, and of course the tons of sugarcane planted in the foreground.

H & I are city people- we were so amazed to see fruit growing everywhere around the island.

"Hello Mr. Mountain! Please come back to Houston with me."

The island is an interesting mix of Hindu, Islamic & Catholic. We learned there are two distinct types of Hinduism & you can tell them apart by how their temples are decorated.

Know what this is? We didn't either....

It's a salt flat- places where they take the salty ocean water & evaporate it to harvest salt.

Driving around the island was really a treat- between the towering sugar cane & the even taller mountains looming around the island, I was in constant clicky-mode with my camera.

We didn't see many sailboats, but I think the other side of the island is windier.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We got a new laptop (the bad news is that the other one died & I didn't have a back-up!). Time to start re-entering 9 months worth of financial transactions...good things it's a long weekend.

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