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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Field Day Fun

Almost done with my August photos of the pups. I've been taking them to this park about a mile from our house several times a week lately.

Even in just the few weeks I've had Mia, I can see how much more confident she's grown in exploring on her own and chasing after Zoe.

She'll follow Zoe around until she can't find her in the grasses any more.

Mia has the best ears...they are so much fun!

These photos were taken the day before Zoe got really sick. She's going back to the vet this afternoon & hopefully her blood work will be back to normal.

Mia is doing great on recall & even learning to sit once she gets to me for her treat.

Did you hear that?

Mia runs beside Zoe and bark and nips at her....I don't think Zoe is very amused.

Such happy puppies to be out running around.

She was running the other day & going so fast, that when she tripped, she plowed forward a good 10' with her face buried in the ground and her back legs still going like mad. It was hysterical!

Taken August 30, 2009, Mia 11.5 weeks old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Our new table arrives tomorrow.


Amanda said...

She's so photogenic! What a great happy face :)

Delilah and Rocket said...

Zoe is showing her how to romp & roll! good job Zoe