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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Our first real stop on the South Island tour was the 7 Color Earth, also called Chamarel. Because of the unusual volcanic & geologic history of the island, these unique mounds were discovered.

Taking pictures of the information signs rocks....any chemists out there can decode this for me? Apparently, the site is on private property (a giant sugar cane farm), but it has been opened to the public, for a small fee.

There was a nice boardwalk around the area of coloured earth & a small restaurant that had a balcony with a great view of the area.

It was a beautiful contrast to the super green mountains that surrounded it.

But honestly, it was a little disappointing. It was neat and all but, we just spent a few minutes here. Definitely not a reason for a visit to Mauritius.

I'm having a blast here!

The other (sort of) interesting thing we saw at Chamarel was see these giant tortoises eating breakfast.


As we drove by this, H & I both had no clue what it was. Upon closer inspection, it was a field of pineapples! For some reason, in my mind, they grew on trees & not on the ground.

It was a very educational trip to say the least.

The fields made for beautiful scenery in the mountains with the palm trees along the ridge line.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Slept good last night, I'm feeling better, Mia slept in her little kennel all night too, got to visit with my hubby a little last night & hopefully Zoe will be coming home today.

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