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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silly Sleepers

My "futon" couch is out for re-covering since it shrank when I washed it. I just threw all the pillows and blankets back up on the futon frame. Mia is determined to sleep up there & just makes herself comfy.

Unfortunately, I needed my running shoes back.

But she made herself another spot on the pillow pile.

The other funny thing is that Mia will plop down in the middle of this bed, not leaving enough room for Zoe.

Zoe will lay on the floor and stare at her. Sometimes I'll shove Mia off to the side & make room for Zoe, but I wish she'd just do it on her own

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 62! It was 62 degrees this morning & just wonderful for a jog. I'm loving this early fall weather- we even ate dinner outside last night.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

That look Zoe is giving Mia is just too funny!

Christy said...

Haha cute pics!

Ours definitely let each other know if they want their own space...growling and showing teeth. Not nice. :)