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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

8th Grade Volleyball

Last week was my sister's first volleyball game of the season. I had a chance to run over there before our puppy training class. She made the C-team & she was pretty upset, but we'll see how the season goes.

I *think* she was captain for the game & got to do the coin toss with the ref.

Did I mention that gyms are really, really dark places to try to photograph?

I think I got more shots during the warm-up than the actual game.

Oh, we've got tons of teenage drama going on!

I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of girls on the team.

Sad to say though, I think she will be pursuing dance next year on the drill team and not playing any more volleyball.

She was on the starting line-up for the first game. Good ready position ;)

Her parents are quite accustomed to that stance...

Haley's friend Jordan lives across the street from my mom.

Friday is her birthday & she will be 14. She wants a dog and an iPhone...ain't gonna happen!

Haley had a great run of at least 5 serves in a row where she scored points.

Congrats all around from the team.

I think this is the only action shot I've got from the whole game. Between the bad lighting & players running in the way, it was tough to be a photographer that day.

The won the first game & she didn't play the second game. Hopefully the rest of their season will continue the with the winning.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Thunderstorms & rain brought a cold front- I love it!

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