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Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Gathering

Friday night was the big birthday bash for Haley's 14th birthday, which happens to be today. Quite the long event, it will require 3 separate blog posts. The party started out like most of the rest- at the house, hanging out in the kitchen, leaning on the bar, snacking on food.

Everybody tried to act cool for a few minutes & then the inner-kids broke out and they made a beeline for the games. The trampoline was the carrot that drew them outside.

They waited for their turn, but were still entertained.

The rest migrated over to the ping pong table.

Did you know this table is like 20+ years old? I remember my dad playing (beating) me on it during commercial breaks. It's been refinished with the finest plywood & fancy green spray paint.

These two were too cool for school & just watched the games and waited for their next text message.

Within about five minutes, the guys headed out to the front yard with a football. Several of them were late because they'd just go out of football practice.

Haley & one other girl were up for the challenge.

Reminder to self- don't park car on the street at the next party. (No, that's not my car, but I do usually park right there.)

And boys won't be boys without a wipe-out.

My sister invited 5 guys & 11 girls (plus my brother). I swear there is another girl out there playing football with her...see the extra legs?

They played just long enough to get the boys all sweaty & smelly again, and for Haley to need a quick run up to her room to fix her hair.

The pizzas arrived & then we were off to Dave & Busters...

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...just hope it's not the train!

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