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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunset Dinner Cruise

We were overwhelmed with excursions & activities when we arrived at our hotel. I kept trying to talk H into a helicopter ride or a float plane trip. He wanted to go out in a boat, so we compromised be doing a private excursion at sunset that included a swank dinner.

We were picked up and taken to the harbor just down the road at Flic en Flac, where I had to walk out into the water to board the boat- always an adventure!

We got there a little earlier than they'd wanted us, but I was worried about missing the sunset. We started talking to our guides & realized this was the first sunset dinner cruise they'd ever done- it's usually daytime & lunch excursions.

We had to carefully *navigate* out of the bay & through the coral reefs surrounding the island before we could cruise down the coast.

I loved being out on the water & being able to look back at the island. We were on the west side, so the setting sun bathed the coast in warm yellow shades.

We past by a few waterfalls & started sipping on our wine. We just putted around- nothing fast at all, but it was really peaceful being out on the water.

We loved our tour guides! They had never met Americans before (like many people in Mauritius), but we had fun talking about American movies and music and learning a little bit about their island life.

We got lucky & had perfect weather- just enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset & the island was clear.

My favorite part was seeing all the mountains and peaks from different angle and watching how they changed as we proceeded north.

It was a wonderful, romantic evening & total splurge on our trip, but we needed to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island instead of running from sight to sight.

Between juggling our drinks, the bottle of wine, 2 cameras, a little blanket & appetizers, we managed to take quite a few photos of the sunset.

All the food was prepared fresh & we watched him make most of it as we putted out of the bay.. This was a pineapple filled with shrimp in some sort of mayo sauce- very yummy!

We were both VERY impressed that he cooked our whole dinner on this tiny grill in the back of the boat- including some lobster!

We were really treated to a gorgeous sunset that night.


Loved the beam radiating outward into the night sky.

The sun is just sitting on the horizon at that bright orange speck & about to slip away for the night.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Bought my paint yesterday- going to go big, bold and BLUE!

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