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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Le Caudan Waterfront

We stopped around lunch time at the Le Caudan waterfront in Port Loius.

There is a modern mall at the waterfront and open-air market within walking distance, all surround by the mountains and water.

We always like to check out the local places, and this one was hopping on a Saturday- the streets were packed.

This whole way of shopping and deciding which of the dozens of vendors you'd like to buy potatoes or carrots or lettuce from is daunting.

So much fun with photographing the different colors and textures and people busy bustling about the Saturday morning errands.

There were so many fruits and vegetables that I'd never seen before.

In addition to all the fresh food, there were tons of trinkets and knickknacks for sale too.

The streets were filled with all types of knock-off goods.

The roads not full of people were full of cars on this busy day, but we enjoyed this nice esplanade on main street.

I think this is the oldest post office on the island.

I'm not sure if this was their entire naval fleet, but it was a pretty impressive coast guard boat.

The water in the harbor was a beautiful shade of green.

Apparently they allow gambling on the island.

There was a very cool street band just jamming on the mall part.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Awesome Saturday- painted a wall & watching a movie at home.

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