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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diving Dog

Labor Day weekend, we took the dogs to the park together & got some great shots, then we stopped by my mom's house so Gram could meet Mia. We got suckered into letting them swim & I got soaked in my clothes, but we got some awesome photos.

Mia is a jumping fool! She loves to dive in.

She also goes all the way under water & then some when the jumps in.

We just need to teach her a little bit about WHERE to jump and where NOT to jump ;)

As usual, Zoe loves chasing and biting the splashes. Mia has started doing it too, but she's cute enough she'll chase her own splashes she makes as she swims along.

Catching some air!

Ready for take off!

Splish splash!

I have to be careful when I am swimming because she will literally jump on top of me.

Swim swim swim! I am loving that fall is here so early & the weather has been so much better, but I think it will be too cold for the pups to swim much more. Mia already shakes & shivers as soon as she gets out.

I put these photos together in a really funny animation. I love the look that Zoe gives me after she jumps on top of her.

Photos taken September 5, 2009, Mia almost 3 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're going out to dinner with some good friends of ours who are in town from California.


Charlie said...

awesome! Looks like you are having the best time!

Poo! said...

You show 'em Mia!!! Mama raised you right...and Gramma too!