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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chamarel Rum Tour

One of the surprise favorite things we did was stop at a rum factory. It reminded me of a winery tour, but a lot more potent!

Officially known as Chamarel Rhumerie, we just happened to drive by this beautiful place & told our driver we wanted to stop. He said it was brand new & but we could take a tour.

They make several different types (grades) of rum, and of course of all it is made from the sugar cane on the island.

We were both just blown away by the beauty of this place- the architecture, the landscape, the colors, the decoration and design.

H & I weren't too color coordinated that day, but we still had fun.

Isn't this beautiful? I can't imagine how long it took them to create it- hopefully it at least lasts a few days.

We've added this water features to our list of things we should put in our backyard. This place was empty & the machinery wasn't running, so it almost felt like a spa with all its beauty and tranquility.

They had some actual sugar can around as decor so we could see it and touch it on our tour.

I loved the open-air concept of the whole place with a large courtyard in the middle of all the rum making. The weather was perfect while we were there- up on top of the plateau, things stayed cool & breezy.

The machinery wasn't actually working yet, as it wasn't harvest time, but the workers were getting it serviced and maintenanced to be ready for the sugar cane.

I grew up watching Sesame Street & my favorite segments were always the ones where they went behind the scenes to a crayon factory or peanut butter plant to show how things were made. Guess I've been an engineering geek since an early age.

This really felt more like a spa in a remote beautiful place than a booze tour! I'd say this rivals some of the most beautiful wineries we've ever seen.

In addition to the processing part, distillery, tasting room & gift shop, they had a really nice looking little restaurant on the grounds. It was a little too high end & fru-fru for us, but it might make for a great lunch stop.

Included in the tour price was a tasting of their 3 different rums that they created. They told us how/why they are different and I think it has something to do with how many times and which process they are distilled.

This cracked me up- looked more like a cheesy space ship than fancy booze making equipment.

They put little crushed ice in the shot glass, filled it up and told you to take a sip. H wasn't too excited about the rums, but I tried them all.

Throughout our time on Mauritius, H didn't like any of his drinks (rum & coke), but I think most of their rum is made from the molasses of cane sugar and tends to have a much different flavor. We're accustomed to drinking a different style of rum, but Mauritian rum is made entirely of sugar cane & tastes a bit different.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going to go look at furniture for our front living room today- the last room we haven't updated.

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Amanda said...

O wow! That is a gorgeous place! What a cool side stop!