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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paddling Puppies

I'm obviously a little behind on blogging, but I'm trying to catch up & won't deprive you of some Vizsla cuteness! We had an awesome float that Zoe could swim right on, but it's old and broken. She hasn't quite mastered this new one, especially with Mia trying to hop on with her.

I went for an afternoon jog twice last week with Zoe & then hopped in the pool at my parents house to cool off, which explains the totally not stylin' swimwear.

Mia likes to follow Zoe around the pool & Zoe mostly tries to swim away. Mia was doing much better last week with "OFF", keeping off me and Zoe.

Aww...the whole gang swimming! We can race from one end of the pool to the other...I'll have to get some video of that soon.

Mia knows where the steps are to get out & the fountain at the deep end of the pool is an exit too. She just discovered that she can stand on this chair on her back legs.

Out of the pool, she just plopped herself down into this float for a few seconds and flailed around.

Love the video! She's gotten really good at jumping in off the side into the pool- I just need to get some video of that.

Mom has got a cool new dog bed for them. Mia's *christened* it, but they like laying on it when the ground is really hot.

Like most Vizslas, Mia likes being up high & doesn't pass up an opportunity to scale something.

Such pretty eyes!

Little stinker LOVES mulch and has been munching on it non-stop at my house and at mom's house.

Photos taken 8/27/09, Mia 11 weeks

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: No real updates on Zoe- she's doing good & eating without any problems, but they won't rerun the blood work until tomorrow.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

The only thing cuter than a vizsla is two vizslas!

Amanda said...

Oh she's so cute! Is she chewing on her ear in that one picture?