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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woody's Smokehouse & BBQ

On our way to Dallas we discovered this little jewel of a gas station with one of the most impressive BBQ joints & stores I've ever seen. It's almost half way between Dallas & Houston and Woody's Smokehouse & BBQ makes a perfect break point in Centerville.

Both times we were there, the parking lot was a mad house- even saw a minor little fender bender. There's plenty of parking in back & I think they have a shop on both the Northbound AND the Southbound side. We stopped both times at the N/B shop.

The first awesome thing about this place is that they will feed you a lip-smacking good meal. H had a link sandwich, but if BBQ isn't your thing, they have a full-service deli.

They have a small dining area plus these over-sized family picnic tables. You can grab a drink & chips from the gas station store to accompany your meal, but save room for dessert!

Can never get too much BBQ sauce ;)

After the food serving counters, they have 2 huge counters with tons of fresh deli meats, fresh game meat, fresh cheeses and tons of other goodies.

I feel like all the major grocery stores should carry such an enticing array of meats & tempt me with all their selections. I obviously don't live near an HEB.

The thing that was most impressive (unusual?) about Woody's was they had their own brand of EVERYTHING. There were piles and piles of these jars- sauces, dips, pickled things, spreads, toppings and more.

All their own salad dressings? or were those the marinades?

They packaged their own candies....

and nuts....

and even popcorn!
I did forget (or finally get too embarrassed) to take a photo of the most important and tastiest part of the stop- their huge, yummy selection of fudge. They had some samples out & I was immediately hooked on the white chocolate Oreo. If that's not your thing- they have tons of homemade, fresh daily pies & cookies.

Anyway...if you are ever driving Houston to Dallas, check out this nifty little spot!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Me & Ms Mia made it home from Louisville very early this morning! We're recovering & adjusting well so far...lots of photos to come!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

My friend the barbecue lover would be in heaven at this place ...

Casey said...

I love that store!!! I stop every time I'm in the area. They have good jerkey too!