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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rangers Stadium

And now to the highlight of our visit- Rangers Stadium!

We were running late & I didn't get any great photos of the stadium, but caught this one as we were driving up.

It's a newer stadium & I loved the architecture of the building was made especially beautiful by the brick work on the columns.

A nice perk- valet parking! It's even free if you drive a Lexus. You can see the storms that just passed through in the background & I'm glad we didn't have to sit through the game in the rain.

There were dozens of these cool reliefs sculptures on the outside depicting various scenes from Texas history.

One of H's favorite things about visiting the various stadiums around the country is checking out the different types of food and beer served at each one.

We had some great seats on the first-base line & enjoyed some wonderful views of the park.

Having visited 2 stadiums in a week, I was really impressed with how beautiful tresses on the inside- both an engineering marvel and a work of art.

Not a full house for the game, it looked like most of the seats had a pretty good view.

I loved the flags flying on the scoreboard, but it was difficult to see (too high) from our seats.

The stadium is very close to DFW airport, so we watched numerous planes fly overhead all night.

The bullpen working hard :)

Of course the Lone Star of Texas could be seen everywhere throughout the park.

How many butts can I get in a single shot? That's Suzuki & we watched him steal the base.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Headed to Louisville today to pick up Ms. Patty!!! So excited :))))

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