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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chisholm Trail Winery

Our 4th stop was at a fun little place called Chisholm Trail Winery that required a nice little stroll of the main highway through some lovely rolling hills and a little creek.

This place was all themed around cowboys and the wild west....what fun!

They actually had a bar to sit around, several tables and a nice little couch area. Standing for 45 minutes at a time gets a little tiring at the end of the day after several dozen sips of wine ;)

The place reflects the spunky and feisty nature of it's female owner & her dramatic story of how she came to be a vintner in the hill country and her struggles and trails in this tough industry.

Chuck pulled some stings and was able to take us on a wonderful tour behind the scenes where all the wine was fermenting in some VERY cold vats.

Um, how freaking cool is this? I have some secrets, but I can't really tell you....

*aww* me & my best friend!

On our way to Chisholm Trail, Chuck stopped by a fun little store on main street called Chocolat. They had the normal chocolates & fudges and strawberry goodness, but their special product was a little bit chocolate filled with a tiny bit of booze- either wine or liquor. They were a little bit of happiness for the mouth & I bought a few boxes to share.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It should be 60 in Chicago's going to rock!

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