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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discovery Green

After a little wine at La Carafe, we wandered over to The Grove for some more drinks & some light snack. It's a great fun little restaurant with awesome food, drinks & views of Houston's newest park- Discovery Green. That metal art sculpture in the background also doubles as a fountain for the kids too cool off.

In addition to the The Grove, which is a nicer dining place with a full bar, patio and upstairs deck, there is a smaller snack & sandwich shop for light refreshments.

The park is in front of our convention center & adjacent to the Hilton Convention hotel, with the Toyota Center in the background. There is a nice little pedestrian walkway & there were a few vendors set up selling some street food.

There was this great little fountain area for the kids to play and cool off. It would periodically turn on and off, with the water sprays growing small and large.

The buildings downtown are growing and growing. I can't believe all the new living space (condos & apartments) that are being built down there. Every now & then, I get a wee bit jealous of urban dwellers.

This is the fun new water feature (a.k.a. lake) that is built over the under-ground parking lots & in front of our convention center. This place really needs some ducks & paddle boats.

And some lovely trees line the wide walking paths between the rest of downtown and the convention center.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Um, Hello! August is here and it's going to be a crazy-busy month, starting today!

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