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Monday, August 24, 2009

Louisville Waterfront

Putting off my Mauritius and Chicago posts, I can wipe out my Louisville trip last weekend in 2 blog posts ;) I had a few hours to kill between landing and when I finally got to go pick up Mia, so I headed downtown to their river front area. I'm so glad to see this cool water fountain and people outside enjoying it on a very hot day.

I'm still fascinated by cities that sit on a state border. I have to drive for several hours from Houston to get outside of the state. I was tempted to drive across the Ohio River just to say I was in Indiana too!

Down in the Riverfront Park, they had this super-awesome river & art sculpture. As this little stream flowed from downtown out towards the main river, a series of cascading pools made for a great public swimming place.

There is a series of several cascading locks & they were full of people cooling off. This is the last "lock" and obviously it was blocked off to keep people from drifting on down into the river.

The park featured jogging trails, lots of benches to rest on and some very cool art work.

I'm sure this place is just lovely when it's about 20 degrees cooler.

After being in Chicago, I had a new appreciation for all these wonderful old bridges. It's neat to look up and down a river and see them all lined up. A few people had drove their boat over & were probably up enjoying a nice cold drink at the restaurant over-looking the river.

Great big, huge, green grass area here to play games or have a picnic, like I saw a few families doing.

I thought the 18-wheeler gave a good perspective on how high up the bridge really sits above the water. I can't even imagine what this area looks like when the floods hit and the river rises.

Some more fun and funky downtown art included this bird (chicken?) exhibit.

Yea, I have no idea, but it was different ;)

The downtown, waterfront condos that looked pretty new seemed like a hip place to live.

And...I was almost able to convince H to come out to Louisville with me, but he realized we wouldn't actually have time to visit the Louisville Slugger factory. I did see that they were having a game though & the Louisville Slugger museum wasn't too far from me downtown.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Kids are back in school! It's Haley's last year of junior high school & Hunter is starting his second year of high school.

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