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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girls Wine Weekend

So back in June (yes, I am way behind on blogging!) my best friend flew in from Florida & we headed up to the Texas Hill Country for a taste of Texas wines. Our first stop was a fun little vineyard just outside of San Antonio called Dry Comal Creek Vineyard.

I liked the fact that they decorated with their winning wines & showcased all their medals.

We did a fairly large sampler of several of their red wines & several of their white wine, but my favorite was the yummy sangria.

It's very much a "casual" winery as compared to some of the others, but I loved their flowers & they have a great couples wine stomp that they offer each year that is very fun.

So another special treat of driving the back roads of Texas was never knowing when or where you'd see a sweet little deer.

Our second winery stop was at the very popular Torre di Pietra, which is right off the main road and just outside of Fredericksburg.

You'd never know by this picture of my awesome friend how hot & tired we were!

It's a beautiful vineyard & they had a very nice tasting room.

You've gotta love a wine called Texas Dirty Girl, I even bought a bottle. There was nothing special about this winery- wines were fine, service was slow, they did have a nice cheese/snack tray.

And you thought the stretch-hummer was bad....only in Texas!

After checking into our B&B, we headed into downtown Fredericksburg. We tried the Frederickburg Winery for a nice place to sit & have a full glass, but we walked out just as quickly as we walked in. We were told by several people that they pride themselves on being rude & sticklers.

We ended up across the street at a unique little store called Water 2 Wine, where they take various wine bases and blend their own wines for fermentation.

It was the perfect cool place to sit, enjoy a cool glass of white wine & we even got a little behind-the-scenes tour of their fermentation areas.

We ended up at a lovely new little restaurant called Cafe Real, which was serving some very tasty tapas and free sangria for dinner.

We booked a quaint little bed & Breakfast through a larger company called Absolute Charm just a few block off main street. There was a great little wine bar called Lincoln Street with some live music, and that's where we ended our first day in the wine country.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Whirlwind Chicago trip with the hubby is over, but I've got a week of classes ahead of me.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Stretch-Hummer-Pickup -- so you can tailgate at your prom. Genius!

Laila said...

I'm on the edge of my seat... Which tag-a-long will you be bringing home?