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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mia's First swim

On Monday, I returned home early from Baton Rouge & there were enough clouds that it made an afternoon jog bearable. I dropped Mia off at my mom's house & headed out with Zoe for a quick 20 min jog. It was still hotter than heck, so Zoe jumped in the pool as soon as we returned. It didn't take long for Mia to be curious & then proceed to fall right in after her. I hopped in to cool off & took a few pictures.

Mia is SUCH a licker- she will lick walls, people, pools, bags, clothes, anything!

She quickly realized there was a step that she was standing on & kept trying to *paw* out in the water to find the edge. In all of her puppy clumsiness, she'd often fall right off the edge, but at least she knew it was there.

I was amazed at how quickly she took to swimming. She did great for the most part, but occasionally, her butt would start sinking (I guess when she stopped kicking with her back legs). I can't wait to take her again.

She was too funny running around the pool and checking things out. You can also see how all the trouble started. Zoe can stand on the bench on the side & Mia will try to walk out on her back. When Zoe swims away, Mia goes right on in. That was how it all unfolded the first time, while I was still trying to get my running shoes off & hop in the pool.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Zoe has been so awesome with Mia. She's also obeying me really well when I tell her to put down a toy or chewie that's not hers.


Laila said...

Wow, Mia is fearless! Swimming in the pool is the best. Great photos and videos.


Christy said...