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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bayou Stroll

As part of my leisurely Saturday, I started off by running a few errands for H & then took Zoe to the park again to run. It was CHILLY out & she was loving the colder weather.

Sometimes when she runs, she does the strange little thing where her front legs run normal (left-right-left) and at the same time, she hops with her back legs. I hope it's not a sign of any future hip issues...

I even caught a little (crooked) point on camera!

There are some LARGE cranes that live down along the bayou. They are beautiful to watch as they soar gracefully around.
This one took off as soon as Zoe neared the bayou.
They must have recently cut the grass, because it was much shorter than when we were here recently.
She did stick her front legs & face down in the water, hence the bath, and I was worried she'd fall all the way into the bayou.
You can see her surgery scar is healing well, but he's still got a skin pooch where the top of her scar was. Also, the hair in that area, especially towards the front side of her leg is still very thin.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Gram had a shoulder replacement a week ago, and her recovery is coming along pretty good so far.

1 comment:

Delilah and Rocket said...

Vizsla hair seems to take forever to grow back in. What a wonderful romp. We "hop" on our back legs too. It's a vizsla thing