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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President Elect Obama

I promise this is the last Obama post until Inauguration :) I wanted to share/display/keep a few more things from this historic election. I've got my poster at home, ready to be framed, and a few commemorative magazines.

See some of the best photos of the campaign, at my new favorite photography blog, The Big Picture. There is also a wonderful photographer who has been out on the trail with Obama for almost 2 years & has some great photos. The book is on my Christmas list. :)

The final state map was only released last week, when Missouri was called for McCain. Nearly 3 weeks later, the re-count continues in Minnesota and the run-off in Georgia is in a few weeks to determine the final 2 Senator positions.

I really like this map as it shows we are not simply red & blue states, but numerous individual counties that make a much more purple map. But, some very interesting map analysis - breaking it down by counties & also weighting those counties/states by population. It was very telling the counties that McCain performed better in than Bush- mostly Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Worth watching over & over again is MSNBC as 11 ET call the race for Barack Obama.

Also, you can see all the front pages of newspapers worldwide here and a neat pop-up view of other newspaper front pages here.

This was our "Election Central" spread with laptops going, plentiful food & wine, all my maps and analysis with what to watch for and evening time lines.

We had to wait until nearly midnight to watch Obama's victory speech, but after nearly a year of waiting, it was so worth it!
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Only 1 more work day this week & then Thanksgiving!

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Did you see The New Yorker cover for Obama's victory? Their best cover since the famous "Black Issue" of September 24, 2001, I would say.