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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For History

Just some things I want to remember about this historic night.....

Michael McDonald’s great early voting website has the totals. I did not know that not all states have early or absentee voting, or that it is difficult to do some some states. I hope in the future more states will move towards opening up the process of voting and making it easier.

-31,268,357 voters have cast votes early in America, which represents 25.3% of the total of all ballots cast in 2004.

Here are battleground states with early voting, followed by the percentage of the total 2004 vote that represents:

CO: 1,704,280; 79.3% of 2004
FL: 4,377,774; 57.3% of 2004
GA: 2,020,829; 60.9% of 2004
IA: 481,179; 31.6% of 2004
IN: 668,868; 26.6% of 2004
MT: 184,632; 40.5% of 2004
NM: 192,229; 73.2% of 2004
NC: 2,623,838; 73.9% of 2004
NV: 561,776; 67.6% of 2004
ND: 76,496; 24.2% of 2004
OH: 1,456,364; 25.2% of 2004
VA: 465,962; 14.5% of 2004
WV: 166,353; 21.6% of 2004

After the last few papers came trickling in, the final tally (according to Wikipedia) in the endorsement race is 495 newspapers for Obama, 215 for McCain (40.5 million circulation to 12.4 million)
Dailies: 296 to 180
Weeklies: 111 to 32
College papers: 78 to 2
Alternative weeklies: 57 to 0

At least 50 papers have now switched to Obama from Bush in 2004, with just four flipping to McCain (see separate story on our site). In addition, several top papers that went for Bush in 2004 have now chosen not to endorse this year, the latest being the Indianapolis Star in key swing state Indiana.

5:31 First voting numbers come in for Kentucky and Indiana.

6:01 First states are called: VT for Obama and KY for McCain
7:07 Some networks are calling PA for Obama. Lots of various other states are being called & lots are being called too close/too early.

7:25 Very excited to see that Liddy Dole is defeated. Her ads and tactics were deplorable. First time since the 1950's that Bush or Dole won't hold a national elected office.

8:05 Another round of poll closings and Obama is at 170. Texas and Arizona are too close too call at closing, as well as Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina right now.
8:20 Ohio is called for Obama. It's looking nearly impossible for McCain. Where are FL & VA?

8:26 Just saw that my county, with Houston, voted 205K straight ticket Republican to 258K straight ticket Democrat.

8:40 The Page calls Ohio, and the election for Obama.
8:53 My pollster, 538, calls it for Obama
9:00 Obama turns his first red state blue with Iowa.

10:00 Polls close out west and all the major networks call it for Obama.

10:12 I'm emotionally over-whelmed seeing the people celebrate & hearing the commentators speak of the historic significance of this election. As a testimony to the organization of Obama's campaign, over 1 million calls were made today to voters to get out the vote.
10:31 Very gracious speech by McCain, not so much by the people boo-ing in this crowd.
10:58 Obama begins his acceptance speech in Chicago to an amazing crowd.
11:27 Such a moving speech, I hope he can deliver on all his promises and move this country forward and begin to work on the staggering problems that are facing our country.

12:28 Off to bed! That was the latest I've stayed up in a LONG time, but soooo worth it!
The morning after facts & re-cap

From the Politico ...
More than 130 million people turned out to vote Tuesday, the most ever to vote in a presidential election. With ballots still being counted in some precincts into Wednesday morning, an estimated 64 percent of the electorate turned out, making 2008 the highest percentage turnout in generations.

Still no news on NC, MO or GA! I can't believe Georgia is this close! I can't believe Alaska re-elected 2 criminals!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Flights & hotel are booked- we'll be in DC in January as history continues to unfold.


Sandy B said...

So who won more states last night, you or H?


Dennis the Vizsla said...

As soon as they called Ohio, I turned to my wife and said, "It's over." Then we went out to the Fred Astaire, and after our lesson, got back in the car just in time to catch John McCain's concession speech. We did the happy dance all the way home.

Delilah and Rocket said...

We were rooting for Ron Paul. We'd like to see a return of the Constitution to this great land and back to the gold standard. If folks really knew what the Federal Reserve was/did -- you'd faint.

But for now .... I too am actually happy about this outcome.

I got cheezed at some news people all they talked about was the "race" factor. It doesn't matter if you are the color purple ... if you're qualified, you get the job.