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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Early Digital Years

Cleaning out my office, I ran across some things in my digital photography graveyard. My first digital camera was the Olympus D-460 Zoom, and it corresponds well to the end of my APS era of film photos. Some time around 2000, my first year in Austin, I received my very own treasured digital camera.

Although I don't have the camera anymore, I did still have this 8 MB Smart Media card. The camera itself was only 1.2MB, so I'm assuming I must have had a larger card in the camera when I was using it. I really wish I had a better plan & system of keeping and organizing my photos long term. I have very few "negatives" from my early digital years.

The card seems so oversize compared to today's tiny cards. Also the 8MB of memory wouldn't even hold a single RAW photo from my Nikon D-80. It was slow and big, but it was revolutionary at the time. Of course it took many of the early Zoe pictures too.

I did still happened to have my next camera stufffed away in a drawer. It's the Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom, and I remember very well buying it specifically for my trip to Ecuador in 2005. At 3.2 MP, I was doubling my picture size and I loved the 10x zoom lens.

I used this camera to death for a few years, including our trips to Italy & Greece and Lake Tahoe.

I do just love how little this xD card is for my last Olympus. The 128MB still seems tiny since I'm buying 4GB cards for my current camera.

I bought my *other camera* for our scoutting trip to Puerto Vallarta in June of 2006. I still use it weekly & it goes every where with me in my purse. The back face is so scratched up that it's hard to see the screen. I'm thinking the new Olympus 1030 SW will be on my Christmas list.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Last day of SCUBA class (confined water dive), then our open water this weekend.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

The first digital camera that we used (borrowed) was the old Sony that wrote pictures to a floppy disk. Remember that one? So retro! I still have the pictures we took from it, though ...

Rocket said...

Our first digital was a large Minolta DiMage. Took great still pics. Handed that off to my step-daughter. Still have a Pentax that I upgraded to. It was a 15 year service award gift. I thought it was a good choice as it was much smaller than the DiMage and fit in my fanny pack for traveling much easier. Took SO many photos with that camera. Now the hubby carries it in his truck. It's point and shoot so that work well for him.