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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drama Queen

Last week, my sister made her acting debut at her junior high school. Although I've seen a great deal of drama and acting from her, this was her first official play. The gist of the storyline is that this talk show host was going to get to the "true" story of Little Red Riding Hood.

My sister is on the far left, and she is one of 3 birds talking to LRRH's grandma.

We're not going to talk about the drama where my sister forgot her beak at home, after dad had reminded her 25 times, and he had to make a panicky trip to the house to get it.

Back to the fake drama....

I really have no idea what they were saying or doing, I was too busy trying to catch a few good photos.

I do recall that they were trying to sell "Wolf Insurance" to protect against wolf attacks in the forest.

Unfortunately, I'll be missing her dance recital this year because we'll be on our vacation.

I thought this girl was a very cute "sassy squirel".

This was the 2nd version of LRRH, where grandma was playing poker & LRRH was a valley girl.

And of course the big, bad evil wolf had some bunnies tied up for dinner.

These were the 3 little pigs, who had each built their house of out straw, twigs and bricks.

And this was Mr. Cool Wolf, who was running for mayor of the forest (or something!)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Got our Cozumel canvas hung on the wall in our bedroom.


Christy said...

I think I live this version of LRRH! Cute!

Christy said...

live=like ;)