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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hermann Park

Last Sunday, after visiting the museum and before dinner at my mom's house, we walked through Hermann Park. It's a great area between our Natural Science Museum, the Medical Center and the Zoo. It includes the outdoor (free) amphitheater & a golf course. I loved this reflection pond, especially that one end was elevated and cascaded down in a nice waterfall fashion.

There are several "tranquil" areas around the park with benches or small sculpture (art) areas. I think I've seen many bridal photos taken under these pillars. There is also a rose garden and a Japanese garden in the park.

This tree had me puzzled. All of the normal leaves that would grow off the branches are gone, but it's still covered in some type of leaves.

Down by the zoo, there is a great big pond, where you can rent paddle boats.

There is also a neat little train that circles the park. I've got many fond memories of riding the Zoo Train when I was a kid.

I was even able to find this old photo of me in August of 1985, when I could fashionably pull of pink overalls :) And yes- I do HEART Texas!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Summer concert season is fast approaching at Miller Outdoor theater- hopefully we'll get some picnic nights planned soon.

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