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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buffalo Bayou Walk

Last Saturday, the weather was gorgeous and we were itching to get outside and enjoy it. I'd been wanting to check out the Buffalo Bayou Walk that is downtown. We aren't blessed with rivers in these parts, so we have to settle for bayous and making them look nice. This is the main bayou through Houston & they've been doing a lot in recent years to make it an enjoyable green space.

Sitting below street level is a long, paved trail on both sides of the bayou that connects to Memorial Park and many other jogging trails. During Hurricane Ike, the bayou rose up to the bottom of the bridges.

I thought the design of this bridge was beautiful and loved the ferns growing on it.

We were both really impressed with how nice the trail/park had been done. Easily accessible for strollers or bikes, lots of access points back up to the main street level, and lots of beautiful trees and flowers.

The modern park bench. I miss the old ones- they were better for snuggling.

Even the design of the stairs and ramps was done with a funky twist.

Minus the brown, muddy water that flows in the bayou, these stairs looked like they should be at some Mediterranean mansion.

The weather was amazing- cool and sunny. I didn't even feel like we were in Houston. Photo courtesy of the timer on my camera.

Walking under the bridges of some of the city's largest freeways was both neat and a bit scary.

I think that if I had any artistic skills at all, I might have considered architecture instead of engineering. I love organization and beauty of structures.

This is probably the most beautiful parking garage in all of Houston with all of its planter-boxes and landscaping.

This is what remains of an old bridge. H remembers walking across it as a child and shared some other very cool memories of growing up in the shadow of downtown.

I'd say we walked for nearly a mile on the twists and turns of the Bayou until we left downtown and entered the mid-town area, where we found an Art Park and a Skate Park.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Another gorgeous Saturday here & H is at the Houston Shell Open.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks like a very pretty (and well-maintained) park. We could use more of those around here!