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Monday, April 13, 2009

Freshman with a Letterman

My brother, who just turned 15 last month, received his Letterman jacket as a freshman for being on the varsity wrestling team. He is VERY excited and super-proud! He's got the Christian cross and the 2012 graduation year patch.

Yes, his nickname is "Big Dawg", presumably for being the smallest kid on the team! I think his other patches are the bobcat paw and a wrestling logo.

He also gets to paint a paw out in the parking lot with his name and graduation year.

I also couldn't resist posting this self-portrait for so many reasons. I love his silver bling necklace in the lower-right corner, his bedroom furniture that he's had for years, the trophies neatly arranged on his shelf, Hunter's sheepish grin and the fact that he actually looks pretty tall in this photo.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Back to McAllen again today after a great long weekend.

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