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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memories of Italy

H's mom took a cruise in the Mediterranean last month and came back with some awesome photos. We were so happy to see her get out and do some "hardcore" traveling and it was also fun to relive some of our own memories. She took 700+ photos, so I'll be sharing them here and there in various blog posts.

Her cruise started and ended in Rome, so she visited the Roman Forum.

She likes to wave at the camera ;) Unfortunately, I don't have her here with me to narrate all these photos, but I'll try to identify what I can.

We visited Rome in 2004 and was amazed at all the history smack-dab right in the middle of a big city.

H's mom and a good girlfriend tackled the eastern Mediterranean for 10 days to see some spectacular things.
The Trevi fountain at night is gorgeous!
The were able to take a tour of the Vatican and see all the big sites there.
I remember this building, and that it was erected for some big Italian anniversary, but have no idea what it was called. It's neat to see it lit up at night.
And of course the Coliseum was very beautiful all lit up at night.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Touring Los Angeles and Southern California today before heading home late tonight.

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