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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where I'd Dive Again

So, although I enjoyed diving, I'm not turning into a big diving junkie anytime soon. A lady I run with is DEEP into diving and all their vacations revolve around it. It was cool and amazing, but it reminded me a bit of snow skiing. It's a lot of work (getting ready, hauling equipment, putting it all on, checking gauges), for a short reward. Although we'd spend a few hours from leaving our hotel room to returning to it, the actual underwater diving was 60-90 total minutes each day. We had to get up early (for vacation time) and it only allowed for the afternoons to explore or relax.

Also, we had the BEST possible setup for diving in Cozumel. Walk out to the dock and be picked up from the hotel, cruise out less than 10 min, a guide hands you all your equipment & your off! I can't imagine having to take an hour boat ride (I'd probably be barfing somewhere....) and then having to clean & haul all your equipment around. I'm just too lazy, especially on vacation...

However, I'm glad that it's something that H & I can do together now, and we'll certainly dive again in places that can't be missed.


We're planning on diving in Mauritius next month when we go. Although the photos depict sharks and schools of hundreds of barracuda, I'd much rather see more turtles or some sting ray. I just want to say I've dove in the Indian Ocean. We're only going 1 of our 3 full days on the island, and the only equipment I'm taking (and hauling all over Africa) is my mask.


The Galapagos Islands are on our travel list & that vacation is all about seeing the wildlife and exploring the islands. I've heard that the snorkeling is pretty amazing there too, so there may be no need to dive. There are some unusual rules about dive boats, so I'll have to investigate this more if (when ;) we get ready to head down there.


One of the most famous dive sites in the world is the Great Blue Hole in Belize. I've heard such wonderful things about Belize in general, that I'd love to go one year (maybe a long weekend anniversary trip).

Hawaii was one of those place that I'd shied away from for a long time- mostly because of the costs and flight time. The more I learn about the volcanoes and waterfalls and lush mountains, the more I'd love to go. And you can't go to Hawaii and not dive, so I'm sure we'd be up for a little bit of diving if we made the trek out there.

Great Barrier Reef Australia
Probably the most famous dive spot on the planet, we'd definitely dive at the Great Barrier Reef just to say that we had. Hopefully, there won't be any sharks around!

New Zealand
I know it's awful, but we're already planning our trip next year before we've done our trip this year! I'm 99% sure we're going to be headed to New Zealand, and I've never been more excited. Compared to our past trips, this will be no history, no museums, no big cities, just all nature. Everything bigger, better, more beautiful, and more stunning. It's the place to do everything from diving to mountain climbing to sailing to glacier hiking to camping to wineries!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Holy cow- I missed 10"+ of rain in Houston Monday night & Tuesday. Luckily, no flooding at our house!

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