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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dad's Best Friends

This photo is from about 2 years ago when there was some event at Dad's house. I'm thinking it was a funeral unfortunately, but I wanted to get a great photo of my dad's best friends. It's neat because these have been his best friends (and their lovely wives) for decades. I have many fond memories of these people being at my birthday parties growing up, or coming over for card night. His one best friend lives in the neighborhood, his other best friend is my god-father (and god parents to my siblings), and he works with the other. The one friend of his not in this picture lives in Alabama most of the year and is a reader of this blog ( ::waves!:: ) . I think it's so neat and amazing that my dad has had some great friends his entire life, and I think these types of relationships are so lost in my generation.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're hanging out with one of H's oldest friends today! Either the iFest if it's not raining or the museum and a wine bar if the weather is bad.

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