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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Most Random Ever

Before I flew to LA on Sunday afternoon, hubby and I had a pretty good weekend together! We went out with friends Saturday night to partake in the Texas Crawfish tradition. He'd been at the Shell Houston Open Golf Tournament earlier that day & got quite a suntan.

Friday night, we decided to stay home since I'd been in Austin & Amarillo the last 2 days. We enjoyed an awesome sunset, did some calendar planning, drank wine, ate cheese, munched on chips & salsa, gobbled down some shrimp cocktail and finally had some delicious steaks for dinner. Oh, and we FINALLY used our new Blu-Ray player to watch Street Kings.

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday I spent in Santa Barbara. Wouldn't you just kill for this view?

Or to be able to throw cocktail parties up there while you watched the sunset?

I went for a little jog in downtown Goleta as I couldn't make it to the beach or waterfront. These trees/shrubs fascinated me, they almost formed a shroud that covered the sidewalks. (see- I told you very, very random stuff here!)

I also had the joy of running by a lemon farm. It was neat to see all the tree with lemons & I can't wait until our tree starts bearing fruit.

And finally on my jog, I enjoyed the most well-manicured and flowered medians I'd ever seen. Spring was in the air and all the flowers were blooming, but what the heck are those elephant trunk looking things? I saw them a few places around town & they were just so peculiar.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Having a BLAST in Austin, doing some more sightseeing today & heading home.

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

We have those elephant-trunk things all over the place around here in Oceanside and San Diego, but I have no idea what they are either.