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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ike around Town

Saturday afternoon when the winds and rain had mostly died down, we ventured into town to check on the rental property & get out of the (non-A/C) house. This building was very near H's office, and they were totally remodeling the whole thing. Looks like they'll have a bit more work to do.

Downtown Houston received a lot of publicity for damage to some of the sky-scrapers, but many other office buildings, besides mine, received wind damage too.

It was good to see work trucks already out in force to start the clean-up. I was fascinated to see the randomness with which some buildings had damage and others were fine.

The bayou's were also very full. This is the bayou near where I lived downtown. Zoe and I would run along the jogging trail most mornings.

In the Heights area, there are many old & beautiful trees. It was no surprise that many of them were blown over and blocking roads.

Fortunately, the duplex suffered no damage! There are several large trees on the property, and we've had huge limbs fall down before.

Although there were lots of branches down, no roof damage and no large trees. I was very worried that we could possibly have major damage, but the whole Heights area looks like it faired relatively well.

We ventured downtown to see mess & enjoy the car's A/C a bit longer. I can't believe how how the water in the bayou had risen. It's normal at least 20' below the roadway.

The park where we had a lovely picnic earlier this year was also underwater.

Finally, this single light pole behind my neighborhood was broken & leaning. I was nervous to drive under it, and it was like this for about a week even after they restored power.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I slept in until 9AM today, and it rocked!


Crystal said...

I am very glad that you escaped Ike relatively unscathed!

Christy said...

Glad the rental house suffered no damage. We weren't able to capture any pics from the city, so I'm enjoying your pics. I may send others to view your blog for Ike pics!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Man, Ike sure did pack a punch ...