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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Noticing the Birds

Last week, I took the pups out to the "park" and let them do their thing.

I have no idea what Mia is doing here other than trying to keep up and catch up with Zoe.

The late afternoon sun casts a warm glow over everything & provides some silhouette shots.

They keep certain lanes mowed under the power lines, but the grass & weeds can get pretty tall in other areas.

Such a pretty girl!

Quite the clown.

She's still doing pretty good on her recall, but we haven't been to the park as regularly as I'd like because of the early sunsets and the rain.

Big puppy smile!

I realize she looks really thin in the pictures & I've recently increased her food to put more weight on her.

She's finally starting to notice the birds.

The "park" is really a small corridor between the waste water treatment facility (beside the bayou) and the giant overhead power lines.

It's usually kept mowed enough that I can easily walk through with jeans & there is never anybody else there.

The dogs were actually really cooperative this day & I've got some nice puppy portraits coming up.

Photos taken November 25, 2009 Mia ~5.5 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Mia is 6 months old today & quickly growing out of the puppy stage.