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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago-2882 by you.

Our very last stop of the trip was at the famed Lincoln Park Zoo. We found the right bus from Old Navy Pier & rode up north to one of the country's last free zoos.

Chicago-2884 by you.

The entrance we used was beautiful with all the summer flowers blooming in full force.

Chicago-2894 by you.

I really like how they did such a great job of making it as natural as possible, especially all the big, old trees.

Chicago-2896 by you.

The lion house was neat with areas where the people walked through & the animals could go inside or outside in their cage.

Chicago-2911 by you.

I had to use a flash on this poor guy, but it was just too dark & he was pacing so much and showing off his teeth.

Chicago-2914 by you.

Continuing the wonderful arcitecture of Chicago, many of the buildings had the fabulous old brick look.

Chicago-2915 by you.

We didn't stay very long- mostly just popped in to check it out, but it looks like a wonderful place to spend the day with kids.

Chicago-2920 by you.

All in all, I adored Chicago. I wished we'd have had better weather & I've really enjoyed just remembering through all the photos.

Chicago-2576 by you.

The public transportation reminded me of one of the major things that Houston is missing & how great the train can be.

Chicago-2814 by you.

It took a while for me to grasp that sometimes the train was up...

Chicago-2812 by you.

...and sometimes it was down.

Hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of Chicago!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Last work day of the year (after a week of slacking....) and we're going to celebrate NYE tonight with a nice dinner.

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