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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lobster Cooking Class

Last Friday night, we headed downtown to take a Lobster Cooking Class through LLU.

We met at somebody's home that had a kitchen set-up for cooking & we prepared 3 lobster dishes. The first couple started out making lobster bisque.

There was a fun overhead mirror to watch what was going on in the pots and pans. Our teacher was tons of fun & had been trained in Paris.

H & I worked together to make lobster tortellini.

Not to shabby for our first attempt- it was yummy too!

The lobster bisque was topped off with a delicious puff pastry & tasted amazing.

For the grand finale, we each picked our own whole lobster and boiled them.

We also learned quite a bit of lobster trivia during the evening.

Including how to tell if a lobster was a boy or girl lobster.

Me & my dinner!

You thinking of eating lobster was all fancy-schmancy at a nice restaurant, but we got all down and dirty cracking our lobsters & splitting the claws. It makes quite a mess!

My little camera failed me on this photo, but it was really funny in person. H had pulled out the perfect claw. We will definitely be trying this at home more often .

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Finally got my family pictures back with the pups!


Amanda said...

O wow! That's awesome! I'm allergic but it would still be really cool to know how to cook lobster!

And that has to be one of the cutest pictures of you and H cooking. That's a keeper :)

Christy said...

Dan could've taught this course. haha :)