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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hunter Wrestling

My brother had his first wrestling match about a week & a half ago. I couldn't make it but somebody took some awesome pictures & I stole them from his Facebook.

CHARGE! At the start of the season, his shoulder kept bothering him & the doctor told him he had a hairline fracture in his collarbone. He has sat out the last few weeks & was anxious to start his 2nd season of wrestling.

He was the smallest one on the team last year & wrestled in the lightest weight class- <103 lb.s This past year he has really started growing & putting on weight, and is right at the 103 mark.

No mercy for this kid!

That looks like some sort of fancy move there!

Go Hunter!

Ouch! My brother was up several points in the 3rd & final round.

And he finally got him pinned! It was the first official pin in his wrestling career & he was very excited.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Made it home early from Omaha & avoided the blizzard.

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