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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chicago White Sox Game

Chicago-2641 by you.

One of the other big reasons we chose to make Chicago a long weekend vacation was so that H could see another baseball stadium. He'd been to Wrigley Field with his buddies before I met him, but not to a White Sox game.

Chicago-2648 by you.

The rain continued as we trekked to the stadium & they had the field covered when we arrived.

Chicago-2657 by you.

The wet weather didn't stop the fans from tailgating.

Chicago-2659 by you.

We found a great little bar & restaurant, appropriately called the Bull Pen, to grab some snacks and a drink.

Chicago-2664 by you.

We sat at a bar that looked right out into the bullpen & we watched the pitchers warm up.

Chicago-2670 by you.

The rain finally let up enough to start the game & we took our seats.

Chicago-2674 by you.

From our seats, we could see another cool bar area in the outfield.

Chicago-2676 by you.

No longer Cominsky Park, we did enjoy U.S. Cellular Field. Do any baseball people know if those round things above the scoreboard do anything? Do they light up for home runs?

Chicago-2684 by you.

We enjoyed the game & checking out another new park. I still think the best part was the rail & how easy it was to get to the game.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Wishing everybody a wonderful & blessed Merry Christmas & happy holidays!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

I hate sponsored arena names ... *sigh*

Eric said...

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Linda C said...

Thanks for the blog .. Seeing Chicago makes me homesick.. I really miss the city.. I grew up about 3 blocks from Sox park, and as an adult I worked at "Sears Tower".. great pictures of my city.

Thanks !!!