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Monday, December 28, 2009

Grant & Millennium Park

Chicago-2821 by you.

Our next stop in Chicago was to head down to Grant Park & Millennium Park. I loved the great architecture, wonderful art work and of course, the great big green areas.

Chicago-2825 by you.

All this- right in the middle of downtown, surrounded by skyscrapers.

Chicago-2827 by you.

This new amphitheatre looks like a fabulous place to catch a concert.

Chicago-2843 by you.

The lawn area itself was closed off, but I just loved the feeling of being surrounded by modern art while at a concert.

Chicago-2845 by you.

Even the speakers for the rear portions of the hill were very cool.

Chicago-2842 by you.

Technically called Cloud Gate, and NOT the Bean, we had a blast with this hip sculpture.

Chicago-2832 by you.

What a great husband- even carrying my camera bag for me! Love the reflection of the skyline.

Chicago-2835 by you.

We had way too much fun with this.

Chicago-2838 by you.

Can you find me?

Chicago-2848 by you.

Everywhere we turned in the park there was some unique and fun artwork to enjoy.

Chicago-2850 by you.

Then we came across a very cool waterpark. There was a long skinny area, with these two giant screens on each end facing each other. The images were usually of faces & would blink and move slightly.

Chicago-2851 by you.

There was water in the middle and water falling down the sides....

Chicago-2860 by you.

But occasionally a mouth with squirt out a big stream of water.

Chicago-2873 by you.

We walked past the Lollapalooza concert & to the lake front, where we strolled back up North for some lunch at the Navy Pier.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Got lots of fun new camera stuff for Christmas- can't wait to start playing with it.

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