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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beautiful Bridges & Buildings

Chicago-2701 by you.

When the sun finally came out, I really enjoyed walking around Chicago- it's such a scenic place with so much great architecture and beautiful things to enjoy.

Chicago-2696 by you.

My inner-engineer loved the rivets and trusses and bolts.

Chicago-2694 by you.

I heard in the spring there is a very cool sailing regatta down the river and the raise all the draw bridges.

Chicago-2564 by you.

I have no idea what this cool building is, but it reminded me of a spaceship.

Chicago-2718 by you.

Beautiful, detailed art on the sides of buildings.

Chicago-2720 by you.

I can't imagine how much more it cost to add these extravagant details, but I love that it was done for the that very reason.

Chicago-2711 by you.

So many flags, so much Gotham.

Chicago-2721 by you.

Of course we had to have some famous pizza while in Chicago, and we were told to go to Gino's East.

Chicago-1010745 by you.

It was very, very deep dish and my husband was happy.

Chicago-2723 by you.

The place had lots of personality and the line was out the door by the time we finished lunch.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Christmas is over & we survived another year (we actually had a really awesome holidays).