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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chicago Architectural Boat Tour, Part 1

Chicago-1010693 by you.

I'm only 4 months behind on blogging these. I did have an excuse of something else that has been taking up tons of my photography and blog time. We went to Chicago for a long weekend in mid August as part of a work trip & we LOVED the city. We started off on a architectural boat tour through the city & I highly recommend it. If you aren't into buildings- skip this post and tomorrow's post.

Chicago-1010626 by you.

I just love how they have a river- a real river (not a *bayou*) that defines the city. Cruising up and down is the best way to see Chicago and its amazing architecture. The diversity and beauty of the buildings is amazing.

Chicago-1010629 by you.

I also really loved the bridges & their sense of rich history that made everything more special.

Chicago-1010630 by you.

I've heard that downtown & the waterfront has changed quite a bit over the last few years & I love all the greenery & walking trails along the river.

Chicago-1010636 by you.

New modern buildings with a little bit of green space below.

Chicago-1010644 by you.

This is the old Montgomery Wards warehouse. That kid doesn't look too happy because it was raining a nice little sprinkle our few hours on the boat. I had to switch out to my little P&S camera & still ended up with tons of photos with rain on my lens.

Chicago-1010652 by you.

I was just in love with these old draw bridges.

Chicago-1010651 by you.

Wonder what one of those condos go for?

Chicago-1010654 by you.

I've always thought of Chicago as just another big city- a little of Houston, a little of NY, a little of Los Angeles all mixed togehter, but I was totally wrong. It had such a personality and vibrancy that was unlike any of those other cities.

Chicago-1010656 by you.

One of my favorite shots of the boat trip.

Chicago-1010666 by you.

Love the new and old contrasted with the steel and greenery.

Chicago-1010671 by you.

I can't even fathom some of the engineering that went behind these buildings & how the subways operate below ground.

Chicago-1010672 by you.

Of course, the Sears Tower.

Chicago-1010675 by you.

I think we will be making a trip back to Chicago in the next few years for one of their big city parties- perhaps St. Patti's Day?

Chicago-1010679 by you.

Chicago-1010681 by you.

This building made me want to play Jenga.

Chicago-1010682 by you.

The old post office.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's Christmas week! All of my shopping is done, food is ready to go...just a few more hours of work.

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