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Monday, March 16, 2009

Epcot Rides

After the fireworks show, we snuck back over to Futureland to ride Soarin' (which is like an IMAX ride on steroids with full effects) and then did a few rides in The Land Pavilion. My favorite thing was the boat ride on Living with the Land and then a special tour of their future gardening.

Sorry about the blurry and dark photos- we were moving fast & it was night time! They have some of the coolest methods to grow plants & all sorts of futuristic gardening ideas.

Hanging pumpkins? Think H will build me something like this in the backyard?

They had lots of hydroponically growing plants & all sorts of contraptions that I'd LOVE to learn more about.

We were also able to hop right on the The Sea with Nemo & Friends ride without any wait.

I was conditioned to think that this is what underwater looks like, so I will have to carry a nice black light with me on my next SCUBA dive ;)

Last ride of the day was on the Spaceship Earth ride on our way out. It was a neat, quick journey back through time explaining how our communications have changed & evolved over the years. I could have used a few more hours at Epcot to check out the Test Track & watch a few movies at the World Showcase, but we managed to squeeze in a ton of stuff on our short visit.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My own garden is doing great- I've got an asparagus sprig, new leaves on the squash & cucumbers and some limes very slowly getting bigger.

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