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Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Downtown

I've got a few older shots from downtown. Our "Main Street" is still really struggling and going through a transition phase. Lots of bars/restaurants/clubs are still coming and going.

There has been a nice emphasis on putting neat & unique artwork downtown, but we still need to work on the random litter.

I have such a fascination with clocks- I can't help but photograph them everywhere I go. I probably should seek some counseling for my time obsession.

Our old city courthouse is surround by some beautiful old trees.

I have no clue what these pillars are supposed to be, but they are very neat.

I wonder what secrets all these old downtown lofts hold. Although the top floor looks pretty abandoned, there appears to be some activity on the floor just below it.

Just a few of our big skyscrapers.

I love all the intricate wood-work on this building & how it is sitting on the bayou. If anybody is looking for a cool place to open up a restaurant downtown, I think this spot would be perfect.

The old courthouse is quite a solid structure & made from limestone from the hill country.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Off to Corpus Christi today & then my (re-scheduled from the Hurricane) 10 year high school reunion tonight.

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