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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Tiger & a Jaguar

One of the problems of being at the zoo & trying to take some nice photos of the animals are the protective barriers between you and some very wild animals. In the jaguar exhibit, there was some very old, foggy, and reflective glass (or plastic?) between us.

The poor jaguar had been in a fight with another jaguar and lost one of her (his?) paws. It was so pitiful limping around it's cage, but the signs still warned that it could jump many feet if it wanted to.
The tiger on the other hand, was sitting like a king in the castle. Nice sunny day, probably just had breakfast, time for a little swim later, soft green grass.

The tiger just sat there, nearly motionless, sticking his tongue out and occasionally turning his head. I'm guessing that maybe he's not a morning person.

He was absolutely gorgeous though. I thought I'd remembered more tigers in the past, but this one in particular was just fascinating to stare at in all his majestic stripes.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm working on a Miami trip to see my best friend for Easter!

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