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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camping at Lake Conroe

Two weekends ago, we went camping with H's best friend and his girlfriend. They had never been camping before, so we were excited that they were giving it a whirl. Got our tents all set up with a great view of the lake & next to our campfire.

This was my first time camping in an Army Corp of Engineers Park, instead of a state park. It was very nice & clean, but lacked some of the features like playgrounds for kids. Most sites had really nice picnic tables & fire rings, but we were missing our fire ring. We really like Cagle Recreation Area & totally lucked out on getting such an awesome campsite.

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset on Friday night as we grilled up fajitas and ate guacamole!

It was the first weekend of March Madness, so our friend brought his TV and we watched lots of basketball. I don't feel guilty at all- every camper out there had a satellite dish sitting outside of it.

This was our "backyard" for the weekend and the forest was beautiful. There was a little trail down to the lake where we'd walk to go fishing.

The guys did some shore fishing for a little bit, but no catching. Tons of people at the park had nice fishing boats & used the boat ramp at the park.

Saturday morning, we heated up the fajita meat and used some southwest Egg Beaters to make easy & delicious breakfast tacos.

We also went for a walk around the park. It didn't have as many trails as some other parks, but it was fine. The dock had sustained some damage from Hurricane Ike & has yet to be repaired.

This little woodpecker was hanging around all weekend, but luckily he wasn't making too much noise. We saw lots of birds, but no deer. H saw an armadillo at night & I imagine there were some raccoons in the area.

We saw lots of birds out on the water & many fisherman came back with tons of fish.

We found this secluded little picnic area down on the point, which was surrounded by the lake.

We also had PERFECT weather that weekend- not too cold, not too hot, lots of sun and lots of breeze.

The neighbors were all very friendly & gave us their unused firewood.

We had a great time just relaxing and hanging out- the guys played horseshoes.

We also played cards & Uno. And yea, the box wine is perfect to take camping- no messing with foil cutters or corkscrews or glass bottles that can break.

The guys made a beer run to a local convenience store and came back with these. Who the heck thought of such a thing? I wasn't brave enough to try, but they said that they tasted pretty good.

We also hung the hammock and I even took a little nap in it on Saturday.

Saturday night we grilled some yummy burgers right over the open-fire and we also made s'mores!

I was so glad it had rained the previous weekend and the burn-ban was lifted. Camping just ain't right with out a campfire at night. We sat around and played the electronic version of catchphrase and had a blast. I can't wait to go camping again, but it's hard to find many free weekends before it gets blazing hot in these parts.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: One of my friends is in town & I'm getting together with her for dinner tonight!

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

That looks very relaxing, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around Orange Crush donut holes ...