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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Epcot Illumi-Nations

We rushed around the World Showcase to hurry up and find a seat for the Epcot Illuminations Fireworks & Show. I didn't even take my big dSLR camera to Disney, so all Disney shots are with my new camera. I found the fireworks mode worked pretty well- I'm sure they'd be even better if I'd used a tripod or stabilized the camera better.

One of the neat things for me about the show is that it's choreographed to music and an announcer. There are speakers all around the lake, so everybody can hear the story and the music.

There is this giant, glowing globe that makes a central point to the story. Later at MGM, I learned that the globe, which opens and closes, was part of the World's Fair in 1964. There are images and movie that show up across the continents on the globe.

Perhaps if I had read the story beforehand, I would have followed along with this great, grand story about the civilizations of the world and various cultures being tied together. The fireworks and music were too artsy for me to get some greater story out of it.

I thought the fireworks were neat, especially to music, but I was still disappointed with the show (maybe because I missed the whole greater meaning other than bright, banging explosions....).

I am always impressed with fireworks that form shapes- the star was very popular during this show.

And then the grand finale- just tons of fireworks all going off at once. (I thought the Big Bang was at the beginning of the story, no?)

Yea for pretty blue fireworks and lots of action all over the air space.

The good news about the show was that it was pretty early on Friday and the park closed right after the show- except to guests staying at Disney properties, who had extra Magic Hours to ride the rides and stay in the park!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I think I'm over the nasty cold/flu/allergies/sickness from this weekend finally!

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